Private Yoga Classes

Private Online Yoga Classes Designed Specifically For Your Astrological Blueprint

With private, bespoke 1:1 yoga lessons with me, you’ll be guided through a custom-created Hatha yoga sequence based on your health, body type and your astrological birth chart. I carefully craft each class to reflect your personal needs as well as your current astrological transits.

What to look forward to:

  • Clearer understanding of the current transits
  • Embodiment of your astrological birth chart
  • Freedom to choose when and where to practice yoga
  • Take classes wherever you have an internet connection
  • Custom designed yoga sequences for your goals, needs and astrology
  • Ability to ask questions after class with your professionally trained yoga teacher

$35 per hour class + $30 initial one-time consultation fee
Option to book a 6-class package for a total payment of $200

Below are some Q&A’s related to these private lessons:

Q: What’s the difference between a private yoga lesson and going to a group class at a yoga studio?

While group yoga classes can be a positive experience for most, they rarely offer the yoga student specific attention for their unique needs and/or body type – let alone their astrological makeup! In the private yoga lesson’s I offer, you get my undivided attention and a thoroughly researched class structure based on my understanding of the current sky.

It’s my belief that by honouring your personal astrological blueprint and your current needs and preferences, you as the yoga student can accomplish much more in one of these private yoga lessons than what could be achieved in months of group yoga classes!

In addition, if you’ve ever felt insecure or lacking confidence in a group class (I know I have) then these classes are a great way to work together with just one other person (me!) and taking the class in your own time and in your own space.

Q: Where do private yoga classes take place?

I teach most of my students online, so you’ll most likely be in your own home, in a space large enough to lay down a yoga mat and stretch your arms and legs out. A 200cm x 400cm space is more than enough for most.

I hold my classes over Skype, and we use our web cameras and the magic of the internet to communicate. If you have any questions about the technology, please don’t hesitate to email:

Q: Do I need yoga experience to take a private yoga lesson?

Heck no! Our private yoga lessons can be the perfect way to jump start your yoga journey. By working individually with me, I’ll make sure you’re properly educated on your alignment and the safest ways to do yoga poses.

This helps to reduce potential injuries, and allows you to reap the greatest rewards possible from your yoga experience. Then, if you want to start attending group yoga classes you’ll feel far more confident in your practice (and you’ll be safer than most students too!)

Q: What happens during our private yoga lesson?

Before we even get on the mat, I’ll ask you some questions including your birth time, date and location. Then I’ll craft a unique class based on your needs, personality type and preferences as well as your goals.

You may wish to focus on enhancing flexibility, stress relief, weight loss, proper yoga pose alignment, injury recovery, chronic pain relief, or simply wish to experience yoga when it’s combined with astrology.

After each class, there will be time for a private Q+A, where you can ask any questions that arose during your practice or just share your experience with me.

Q: I already have yoga experience. Can I benefit from a private yoga lesson?

Absolutely! Maybe there’s a certain posture you’re having difficulty with, or you would like to know what kind of poses would be best for your specific personality and preferences. This is exactly what a private yoga lesson with me can give you deeper insight on.

Q: I have an injury/pain in a part of my body. Can a private yoga lesson help me?

Yes. I will work with you to discover the source of your personal injury or pain, and work carefully and compassionately to help free you from your discomfort. Again, this is something not every yoga teacher can offer in a group class but we can design an entire sequence around your particular needs in a private lesson.

Q: Can a friend come to do yoga with us?

Yes, but note that the sequence will not be as specific to your specific astrological needs if others join. Instead, we’ll be practicing yoga based on the current sun sign (for example, from about March 21st to April 20th we would practice Aries-themed yoga.) I also offer discounts for additional students in class, so feel free to enquire to learn more:

Just want to ask a question about private yoga classes? Email: