Moon Tracking Using A Moon Phase Calendar

Last week I covered why you might consider tracking the Moon, and shared some different ways to do just that.

Now, I thought I’d share a tool I’ve been using a lot recently, particularly in my New Moon and Full Moon rituals.

Which is… a Moon Phase Calendar. It’s a simple diagram really, mapped out like an astrological chart in Western Astrology. It maps the houses (mine is based on the equal house system) and depending on your rising sign/ascendant, you can map what Zodiac sign falls where.

Rather than mapping the position of the planets on this chart though, I map the New Moon date in it’s particular sign, and the Full Moon date too. 

So this is what it looks like for 2019 for my rising sign (Cancer):

Moon Phase Calendar

Here are the steps to Moon tracking using a Moon Phase Calendar

Step 1: Write/draw your Rising Sign/Ascendant in the place marked by House 1 in the diagram.

Step 2: Continue to fill in the other Signs in order (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.)

Step 3: Fill in the House that corresponds to each Sign in the table below.

Moon Phase Table

Step 4: Add the dates of the New Moons and Full Moons in the diagram.

Note: There is no New Moon in Cancer in 2019, and two in the month of July.


What to do next?

So once you’ve finished filling in your lovely Moon Phase Calendar, you have some options.

Option #1: Forget about it. Yep, I mean put it away until after you’ve experienced the first New Moon in 2019, and you’ve journaled about that day or couple of days either side on the New Moon in Capricorn.

As mentioned in the Moon Tracking post, I believe in the value of reflecting after these notable days, rather than hyping yourself up about the events that might occur.

Part of this reason is pure superstition: the idea that fate or fortune won’t come to pass if you’re expecting it.

The other part is more psychological: I know I’m likely to act in a certain way or be more biased in my thinking if I’m hyper aware of the current astro weather.

This is just something I’m playing with whilst I’m tracking and learning more intimately about how these events affect me personally.

Option #2: If you’re less prone to overthinking and want to embrace the power of ritual a bit more, then I recommend using this calendar like you would any other, and possibly integrating it in your main calendar.

For example, adding a note on iCal or whatever you use, that yep, Jan 5th = a full solar eclipse in Capricorn, which happens to be your 6th house. Then you can reflect on what it means to have Capricorn in your 6th house, the house that signifies health. 

Does it mean you want to release unhealthy patterns or habits and implement a new exercise regime? Is there a lesson to be learnt in how you’ve spent the month since the last Full Moon?

If you are looking to honour the lunation in a more proactive way, here is a guide that you can use to work with the Moon and this Calendar:

Meanings & Tips for Understanding the Moon Phases

New Moon

This is the time our sky is at it’s darkest: our Moon is hiding behind the Sun.  From our perspective, the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign – at the exact same degree – and therefore, the same House. It’s a time when our ego (the Sun) and our emotional self (the Moon) are sitting down for tea; they are meeting. I see this as a good time to start something new, set intentions, and focus on external matters. Your desires – conscious and unconscious are in alignment, and you may experience harmony that helps drive you forward.

Full Moon

When the Moon reaches its maximum reflection of light and sits in the opposite sign and degree to the Sun, we have a Full Moon. Unlike the New Moon where they are in the same place in the chart, a Full Moon sees a stand-off on opposite sides. This can feel like tension between our ego and our emotional self, and emotions may run high. You may feel more sensitive than usual. Use this time to observe and release unhealthy emotional patterns or habits, and show care towards yourself. Spend time with loved ones, get out into nature and journal about your experience.

Month of Journal Prompts For Every Moon Phase


Eclipses are like super-charged New or Full Moons. It’s when the Sun and Moon are taken offline, allowing for dramatic changes to be made. They can feel like a rug that’s been pulled out from under you. The best you can do is to see the potential for growth, change and course correction, and reflect on what the eclipse brought you. The sign and house the eclipse falls in will provide a clue to what changes may come and where they are likely to show up. Be easy on yourself at these times.


In astrology there are 12 different Houses, each describing a particular area of life. Some Houses deal with the outer world and other houses describe the inner or more psychological plane. The House where a New or Full Moon will occur is specific to you, based on your Rising Sign. This is deserving of a post all of it’s own, but until then, you can refer to posts like this which describe the Moon in various Houses.


Finally, you have the 12 different signs of the Zodiac. Just as the Houses describe what life area that particular lunation will affect, the sign the Moon is in will give a hint towards how that affect will manifest; it’s flavour or the nature of it. Again, this is a bigger topic than I can fit in here, but you can get an idea of the Moon in different signs here.

As a rule of thumb, a formula I use for understanding how a lunation might affect me is:

I will feel (because it’s the Moon) pragmatic (because it’s in Capricorn) about my health (because it’s in my 6th House).

Of course, there’s much more to this, depending on your other planets and the aspects they make and what sign they’re in but… you get the picture.

Special Considerations

Pay particular attention to lunar events happening in your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as you’re likely going to be more effected by these.

I’d love to know how you get on with your Moon Phase Tracking and if you have any questions about how to use the calendar, or want a more in-depth chat about how the Moon might affect you over the course of the next year, feel free to get in touch.

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